Thursday, February 18, 2010

Amazing Cape Reinga, New Zealand

We finally visited Cape Reinga for almost two years of stay in New Zealand. Cape Reinga is the northernmost point of the North Island and one of New Zealand beautiful place to visit. It is where you can witness the breathtaking view of two vast expanses of water, the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean, crashing together as they meet below the Cape Reinga lighthouse.
Cape Reinga lighthouse

Cape Reinga lighthouse and signage showing distance from other countries

Amazing scenic view of Cape Reinga

We chose to travel with our own vehicle to really enjoy the scenery along the way. We depart from North shore, Auckland at 4:00am Saturday and arrived in Kaitaia at 8:00am for breakfast and had some rest, we also book for accommodation for the night stay. 

 Showing walk trail going to lighthouse
Cape Reinga Trail

 Cape Reinga lighthouse where you can witness the Tasman sea and Pacific ocean collides.

Our first destination was the famous Ancient Kauri Kingdom where you can find Ancient Kauri wood dated at more than 45,000 years old. It predates the migration of Neanderthal man and was already buried in swamps more than 25,000 years before the onset of the last Ice Age.
Ancient Kauri is the oldest workable wood in the world. 

Ancient Kauri is considered worldwide a valued heirloom connecting us by its beauty and ancient history.


Ancient Kauri Stump Couch


Then we stop over at Ninety Mile Beach to have a good view of long stretch of the beach. Here you have option to take the beach route but your car must be a 4 wheel drive otherwise you will get stuck on quick sand.

Ninety Mile Beach, New Zealand
Showing the long stretch of Ninety mile beach. Truly fantastic!

Our next destination was the giant sand dunes or sand safari where you can do sand surfing or just enjoy the hot hot sand and just be feet.

Amazing God's creation

We climb up to the peak, it's really exhausting but the experience of nature is truly great.

Sand Safari, New Zealand

3:00pm Saturday, we went back to Kaitaia to stay overnight at Northern hotel. The place is lovely and the host is really friendly.  We had some wine and loads of beer.


 10:00am Sunday, we checkout at the hotel and head to Bay of Islands for a swim and enjoy the wonderful beach.

Bay of Island
Bay of Island

The Bay Of Islands in New Zealand boasts a unique coastline sheltering over 150 small islands in its arms.

The Bay of Islands is a haven for water sport enthusiasts who can enjoy the calm blue waters of the bay. There are a lot of water-based activities on offer, including kayaking, swimming with dolphins, game fishing and boating. Several coastal paths line the bay, and visitors can enjoy the tranquillity of the area and the stunning views. Often whales and dolphins can be seen in the bay, so cameras are a recommendation. There are many photographic opportunities in the Bay of Islands, including the nearby Haruru waterfalls which was our next destination.

Haruru Falls

We end up our adventure here in Haruru where I jumped over a 5 storey building...nah.. just kidding.
The two day trip is pretty tiring however the experience is really realy great. 

Just 2 days when your out for nature is PRICELESS!!

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